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Here at the office of Drs. Tolley and Lorenzo, we strive to provide the highest quality dental care to our patients in and around the Lansdale, Pennsylvania area. We know what a significant difference in self-esteem a beautiful smile can make, which is why we are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!

Early Dental Care

We love children, and we have the knowledge and experience needed to provide your family with child-friendly dental care. You can rest assured that we will work hard to make sure your family’s dental experiences with us are positive ones!

Cosmetic Bonding

Are old silver fillings giving you a metal-mouth appearance? We offer white fillings with cosmetic bonding that look and feel like your natural teeth. We can repair current dental decay with these white fillings, or even replace your old silver fillings for a new smile today!

At Drs. Tolley and Lorenzo’s office, we look forward to seeing you smile!